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8000 Painted Desert Way, Roseville, CA, 95747
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Don't know where to start, our recent complex changes some law, so, we were almost left on the street, me and my 13 years old daughter! I called this...

Don't know where to start, our recent complex changes some law, so, we were almost left on the street, me and my 13 years old daughter! I called this...

I have lived here for 2 years. Marigold and Denise are beyond amazing, they are prompt, kind and courteous. My children love going into the office to say hi. We are close to everything and can walk to Safeway on Saturday mornings for a donut and coffee. I love my home here. Best apartments I have lived in. Are the walls a little thin...yes but your living in a apartment and all of my neighbors have been nothing but respectful.

My daughter and I have lived here over 6 years. We are comfortable, secure and appreciate the assistance we receive from the Management Office. The care and maintenance of the grounds are great. Beautiful trees and shrubs surround the property. I know that if a problem arises Denise and Marygold are there for me. All in all I am happy where I live and recommend Crocker Oaks Apartments.

Excellent apartment

I feel very blessed to have found Crocker Oaks Apartments. After just being recently divorced they made the sign in process pretty painless and I'm so thankful for that. The administration staff to me, is wonderful and very professional and helpful. My son and I are very happy here, the environment is great, the people are great. The administration staff always has smiles on their faces and wonderful attitudes which makes it great and easy to ask them a question. The turnaround time when we put in work orders in if needed are fast and very professional. The rooms are the perfect size for my son and I and very spacious. The view from our balcony is beautiful and very calming. I could not have asked for a better place to start my life over than here at Crocker Oaks. Sincerely Cecilia Murillo

I'd like to start out by saying that I don't often take the time to give reviews online, but this community completely 'wowed' me in the way that they handled our move out, and I felt that they deserved the praise. The actual community is lovely. Great neighbors, a clean and safe environment, and a helpful staff (office and maintenance alike). Living in a number of apartments, I have come to expect the move out process to be a pain-staking procedure in which the community management scrutinizes every centimeter of the apartment finding the best way to keep your security deposit, or, better yet, to send you a bill by the time that they're done. When my wife and I left this community we did not expect to get any of our deposit back as it was considered 'lost money' to us, and we just hoped to not get a bill in the mail. Where they wowed me: they didn't go in with a microscope and white gloves trying to find every little detail, but rather just inspected the apartment with the understanding that wear and tear happens... and did not attempt to push the envelope on that point. But what was really amazing... without prompting, or begging, or pleading, or arguing, a refund check (about 75% of our deposit) showed up in the mail today. I want to thank this community for everything and let anyone who reads this know, you'll be happy to call this your home for however long you want it to be.